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U.S. Coast Guard Decals
Proud CG Family
$20 per decal
CG Decal #1
Size approx. 6” x 16”

Glossy White or Black 3.0 mil permanent self-adhesive vinyl
Indoor durability – 5+ years
Outdoor durability – up to 5 years
Made in the USA
My paypal user name is my email address: MichaelBranco@MichaelBranco.com 
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CG Decal #2
CG Decal #3
CG Decal #4
CG Decal #5
CG Decal #6
CG Decal #7
Size approx. 6” x 12”

USCG Retired-1
Size approx. 5” x 18”

USCG Retired-2
Size approx. 10” x 12”

USCG Veteran-2
Size approx. 12” x 10”

USCG Veteran-3
Size approx. 18” x 6”

USCG Veteran-4
Size approx. 8” x 24”

CG Decal #8
USCG Flag-1
Size approx. 11” x 6”

CG Decal #9
CG Decal #10
Proud CG Mom
Size approx. 13” x 8”

Proud CG Dad
Size approx. 13” x 9”

CG Decal #11
I Love My Coastie
Size approx. 8” x 14.5”